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'Everything you wanted to know about mental health but
where too afraid to ask'
-Stephen Fry

Looking For Guidance on Good Mental Health?

Then welcome to Jeremy Thomas Talks a platform dedicated to helping Companies, Schools and Colleges open safe and engaging discussions around mental health informed by medical practices and honest storytelling.

'Prevention is better than a cure' is the belief that lays the foundation of all our work which is dedicated to the practice of good mental health and opening the discussion in a fun, sensitive and educational manner. This is the continuation of a project that began a decade ago that has helped bring awareness to this ever more important subject.

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How to Stay Sane in an Insane World

The Keynote talk Jeremy has been delivering to Schools, Colleges and Companies around the UK and internationally for over a decade.
Covering the story of Jeremy's inspiring life story, this talk approaches mental health from experience and is an honest and powerful talk full of Jeremy's humor and charismatic flare.

Crucially the talk introduces the dashboard of dials, a visual display of the key areas of our lives that influence the condition of our mental health and how we can be realistic in managing them and removing any surrounding stigma or embarrassment.

The talk is available in three versions for 'students', 'parents & staff' and 'companies' - all are under an hour and are chaptered for optimal use, with regular breaks for discussions.

Lifeboats for Companies

This is our series of lifeboat workshops. A series of talks catered for companies to help employees and employers generate discussions around the topics of mental health.

Each lifeboat floats around with a particular area and dial of mental health explaining what they are and recognizing their day to day presence and affect.

So far the series includes videos on, 'depression', 'resilience', 'self-esteem', and 'stress, anxiety & trauma', each 30 minutes in length structured in an engaging and interactive format.

The main aim of each lifeboat is to help develop mindfulness and coping mechanisms to help regulate these areas and move from harmful conditions to conditions of awareness and acceptance.

Lifeboats for Schools & Colleges

Our second series of lifeboat workshops is designed to help students, staff and parents understand in a more focused and in depth discussion the key aspects of our mental health.

This series also includes videos on, 'depression', 'resilience', 'self-esteem', and 'stress, anxiety & trauma', each 30 minutes in length created for a younger audience.

Each workshop explains these eras of mental health in a sensitive, fun and compassionate way. They are chaptered with regular intervals for in class discussion and printed exercises available on request.

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